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Writer Dashboard

As a PubLaunch writer, you'll spend most of your time on your dashboard. Take a look at our guide below for a quick lesson on what buttons to press and when. And remember to check out our FAQ for any lingering questions.


You'll be automatically directed to your dashboard when you log in. This is your home base. You can update your account information, check the status of various book projects, and download contracts or receipts.

Your dashboard is split into five primary tabs:

  • Dashboard: the center for most of your PubLaunch activity
  • My account: where you'll handle everything related to your account and your profile
  • Messages: PubLaunch’s internal emailing system
  • Receipts: itemized, downloadable receipts of all payments made by you to your suppliers
  • Wishlist: a list of the suppliers whose information you've saved

Using the Dashboard tab


Notifications are located at the top of your dashboard. These handy messages tell you about new activity related to your account. Hide your read notifications by clicking the X on the top right-hand corner of the window.

Draft projects

Underneath the notifications are your book projects, divided into three sections. The first section, called "Draft," includes any projects that you're still building and haven't submitted to your suppliers or publishers. 

When a project appears under the Draft section, the only available link is to your service summary in the Build a Book workflow. All other links are grayed out and unavailable until the project graduates to the next sections.

Service Summary links to your book project's current summary page in the Build a Book workflow. From there, you can continue working on your book project: change your manuscript details, add or remove desired services, and replace your selected suppliers or publishers.

Once you submit your book project to your desired suppliers or publishers, your book project will move to the Pending section. 

Pending projects

The Pending section includes any projects that have unconfirmed suppliers or publishers. When a project moves to the Pending section, the "Estimates" and "Contracts" links become available. 

The Contracts tab (for Build Your Own Team projects)

When you click on the “Contracts” link beside a pending book project on your dashboard, you’re redirected to the contracts page (see below). This page lists (from left to right) the book project’s title, your name, the supplier’s name, the service you're requesting from the supplier, the amount the service will cost, the status of the contract (whether or not it has been signed by the writer and supplier), the “Sign” or “Reject” buttons, and the downloadable contract.

The contracts page will have an entry for every service agreement for your book project. Initially, the contract status will say “No” for all parties.

You need to sign each contract. Click the green “Sign” button beside each agreement (see below).

The contract will pop up on your screen. Click the “Accept and Sign” button at the bottom of the contract. Once you’ve accepted, “Yes” will appear under the Writer Signed? column (see below).

Suppliers have five business days to respond to your application. As they accept your project, “Yes” will appear under the “Supplier Signed?” column (see below). Notice how the background color of each row changes from yellow to green when the contract is signed by both parties.

If any of your suppliers decide not to work with you, you'll be able to apply to new suppliers by clicking the "Service Summary" link on your dashboard and navigating back to the "Pick My Team" page.

Once all parties have signed the service contracts, your book project will move to the Live section of your main dashboard. To return to your list of book projects, click on the Dashboard tab from your dashboard’s main menu.

The Estimates tab (for guided publishing projects)

When you click on the "Estimates" link beside a pending book project on your dashboard, you're redirected to the estimates page (see below). 

Publishers and consultants have 5 business days to respond to your application. A publisher/consultant who has not yet responded appears in yellow (see The Great Publishing below). If a publisher/consultant declines your project, their estimate appears in red (see Wuthering Heights Books below).

An estimate will appear in blue (see Dickens and Co. below). It will include the name of the publisher, the proposed budget, a downloadable contract, and estimate details. To accept an estimate, download the contract by clicking the contract document link (beside “Original contract”). Sign your copy by either printing and scanning it or by using a digital signature. Upload your signed version of the contract, and then click “Save.” Finally, click the “Hire” button.

When you hire a publisher/consultant, PubLaunch will notify any other publishers/consultants you’ve applied to and their names will be removed from the Estimates page. The estimate that you’ve approved becomes green (see below).

If any of your publishers decide not to work with you, you'll be able to apply to new publishers by clicking the "Service Summary" link on your dashboard.

Once you’ve hired a publisher/consultant and uploaded your signed contract, your book project will move to the Live section of your main dashboard. To return to your list of book projects, click on the Dashboard tab from your dashboard’s main menu.


When your book projects moves to Live, the “Crowdfund or Pay” button on your dashboard becomes available.

Use this link to choose a payment method (see below).

Paying directly

By paying directly (using the “Pay Now” button), you can begin to work with your publishing team immediately. You will pay by credit card, and upon payment confirmation the “Launchroom” link becomes available on your dashboard. See our Launchroom user guide for an explanation of how to use our Launchroom.

Crowdfunding your project

Choosing to crowdfund your project (using the “Create a Campaign” button) will prompt you to create a crowdfunding campaign. See our Crowdfunding user guide for details on campaign setup.

Note that the “Campaign” link on your main dashboard will become available as soon as you have a saved draft of your campaign. You can return to your draft campaign at any time using this link from your dashboard.

Upon completion of a successful campaign, your publishing team is paid directly from your raised funds and the “Launchroom” link on your dashboard becomes available. (See our Launchroom user guide.) You can now begin working with your team!

Using the My Account tab

Your profile

You’ll use the My Account tab any time you want to view your profile or change your account information. This is, for the most part, what your profile looks like to other users. (The only difference is the "Edit My Account” button, which is invisible to other users.) 

To make changes to your profile and account information, click the "Edit My Account" button (see below).

Editing your account details and settings

After clicking the “Edit My Account” button, a secondary series of tabs will appear on the left. These tabs allow you to manage various account details.

To change your profile information (i.e., your profile picture, password, location settings, etc.) use the Account Information tab.

Use the “Contact settings” tab to change your contact permission settings.

Receiving and sending messages

Every time you receive an email on PubLaunch, you’ll get an alert to your personal email address. View your message by clicking the link in your personal email or logging into PubLaunch and navigating to the “Messages” tab at the top of your account page.

To view or reply to a specific message, click on the subject link. If you’d like to reply, write your message in the space below and click the “Send Message” button.

Viewing receipts

After you pay a supplier, publisher, or consultant, you’ll receive a receipt for the payment. View all of your receipts by navigating to the Receipts tab. Click each link to view a receipt.

Viewing your wishlist

When you are logged into PubLaunch, you’re able to explore suppliers and publishers before you begin building a book. When you see a supplier or publisher you’d like to remember for a later project, add them to your wishlist.

Navigate to the Wishlist tab in your account to review your list. You’ll see the names of the suppliers you’ve saved listed below. To view a profile, click on the name. To remove a supplier from your wishlist, click the “Remove from wishlist” button (see below).