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Supplier Dashboard

As a PubLaunch supplier, publisher, or publishing consultant, you'll spend most of your time on your dashboard. Take a look at our guide below for a quick lesson on what buttons to press and when. And remember to check out our FAQ for any lingering questions.


You'll be automatically directed to your dashboard when you log in. This is your home base. You can update your account information, check the status on various book projects, and download contracts or receipts.

Your dashboard is split into four primary tabs:

  • Dashboard: the center for most of your PubLaunch activity
  • My account: where you'll handle everything related to your account and your profile
  • Messages: PubLaunch’s internal emailing system
  • Receipts: itemized, downloadable receipts of all payments made to you by your writers

Using the Dashboard tab


Notifications are located at the top of your dashboard. These handy messages tell you about new activity related to your account. Hide your read notifications by clicking the X on the top right-hand corner of the window.

Pending projects

Below your notifications are your book projects, divided into three sections. The first section, called "Pending," includes any projects that haven't been approved or finalized either by you, your writer, or your writer’s other suppliers. For example, if someone involved in the book project hasn’t signed a contract, or if all contracts are signed but the writer hasn't chosen a payment method, the book project will be found under Pending (see below). You’ll receive a notification whenever a new project appears in your pending section.

When a project appears under the Pending section, you may choose Project Summary (1) to review the book project’s details, including the project title, a brief description of the book, the word count, the desired trim size, and the manuscript file. The Accept or Reject link (2) will direct you to the supplier contract, where you can review the contract and either sign it (thereby accepting the project) or reject it. (If you're a publisher or publishing consultant, this is where you'll create an estimate and upload your contract for the writer.) 

All other links will be grayed out and unavailable until the project graduates to the next sections.

Once you, the writer, and any other associated suppliers have signed the contracts, the writer will be prompted to select a payment method. If they decide to crowdfund their project, the project will then move to the Crowdfunding section on your dashboard. If the writer chooses to pay right away, the book project will move to the Paid section.

Accepting or rejecting projects (suppliers)

When you click on the “Accept or Reject” link beside a pending book project on your dashboard, you’re redirected to the contracts page (see below). This page lists (from left to right) the book project’s title, the writer’s name, your name, the service you will provide, the amount you’ll be paid for the project (before commission deductions), the status of the contract (whether or not it has been signed by the writer and supplier), the “Sign” or “Reject” buttons, and the downloadable contract.

Be sure to review the contract and the project details before you decide how you’d like to proceed. If you’d like to join the writer’s publishing team, click “Sign." The contract will pop up and you can sign it by clicking the “Accept” button at the bottom of the contract. If you decide to reject the project, click "Reject." A form will pop up that allows you to send the writer a reason for the rejection.

To return to your list of book projects, click on the Dashboard tab from your dashboard’s main menu.

Creating an estimate (publishers and publishing consultants)

When you click on the "Accept or Reject" link beside a pending book project on your dashboard, you're redirected to the estimates page (see below). This page lists (from left to right) the book project's title, your name, the writer's name, the options to create an estimate or reject the project (you may also click on View Project Details), and the status of your estimate. The estimate status tells you whether the writer has accepted your estimate. 

Be sure to review the project details before you decide how you'd like to proceed. If you reject the project, a form will pop up so that you can send the writer a reason for the rejection. If you’re interested in working on/publishing the book project, click "Create an Estimate" and the estimate form will generate underneath (see below).

When creating an estimate, it’s also mandatory to upload your own contract for the writer to review and sign. If you don’t already have a standard contract, you’re welcome to copy our sample supplier contract, found here.

Crowdfunding projects

At this point, a writer who has chosen to crowdfund will be busy building their campaign page. When the writer’s campaign page goes live, the "Campaign" link will no longer be grayed out (see the figure below). You'll now be able to check on the campaign's progress at any time using that link. Once a successful campaign is finished, the book project will move to the "Paid" section.

Paid projects

When a writer pays for a project (either directly or through a successful crowdfunding campaign), the book project will move to the Paid section. Here, the Launchroom link (see below) will become available. We talk about the Launchroom in a later guide, but for now, all you need to know is that the Launchroom is where you, any other suppliers associated with the book project, and the writer will track the project’s status and manage all the project’s related files. Publishers and publishing consultants will also have access to the Launchroom but may choose to work with their writers outside of the platform, using their own systems.

Using the My Account tab

Your profile

As a supplier, publisher, or consultant, you'll use the My Account tab any time you want to view or edit your profile information, account settings, or services. This is, for the most part, what your profile looks like to other users. (The only differences are the "Edit My Account" and "Change Status" buttons, which are invisible to other users.) 

The "Change Status" button allows you to control whether your services are available to writers. Writers will not see your services listed when they are hiring a publishing team if you've set your status to unavailable.

For all other changes to your profile and account information, click the "Edit My Account" button.

Editing your account details and settings

After clicking the “Edit My Account” button, a secondary series of tabs will appear on your dashboard. These tabs allow you to manage various account details. (Note that publishers and consultants don’t have a Services tab.) 

The Account tab (including Payment Gateway)

To change your profile information (i.e., your profile picture, password, location settings, etc.) use the Account Information tab.

Use the “Contact settings” tab to change your email privacy settings.

The Payment Gateway is probably the most important part of setting up your PubLaunch account. After all, it's how you get paid!

Under the Payment Gateway tab, create and/or connect your Stripe account with PubLaunch by clicking the big blue "Connect with Stripe" button. You'll be prompted to fill out a Stripe account form and then asked to authorize us (PubLaunch) to connect with your Stripe account (so that we can send you money). Then you’re all set to start working with writers on PubLaunch!

The General Information tab

To change your profile information (i.e., your profile picture, years of experience, social media links, etc.) use the General Information tab.

The Services tab

To change the services and rates you offer, use the Services tab.

The Upload Documents tab

Use the Upload Documents tab to upload your resume or competency tests as part of your initial registration. You'll most likely need to do this only once, unless you’d like to add a new service that PubLaunch hasn’t previously vetted you for.

Using the Messages tab

Every time you receive an email on PubLaunch, you’ll get an alert to your personal email address. View your message by clicking the link in your personal email or logging into PubLaunch and navigating to the “Messages” tab at the top of your account page.

To view a message, click on the subject link. If you’d like to reply, write your message in the space below and click the “Send” button.

To write a new message to a PubLaunch supplier, publisher, or writer, click the “Write New Message” button.

Using the Receipts tab

After you pay a supplier, publisher, or consultant, you’ll receive a receipt for the payment. View all of your receipts by navigating to the Receipts tab. Click each link to view a receipt.