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You may have heard of crowdfunding as a way to get your book project into the world, but you’re not exactly sure what’s involved or how to do it successfully. PubLaunch is here to help!

Crowdfunding provides writers with the funds they need to produce and market the book they want, but there are several other reasons why writers benefit from crowdfunding, like testing their market and building an engaged audience.

Learn everything from the basics to the keys to success in this half-hour webinar.


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Need extra help to get your campaign launched successfully?

The PubLaunch team is offering free one-on-one consultations to 25 writers serious about taking their crowdfunding plans to the next level.

We'll guide you through each step to take your project from concept to reality. All you need is your enthusiasm, pen and paper, and a willingness to learn.


Registration is free, but space is limited!