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Print distributors

While it might not seem like an efficient use of time to use a print-only distributor if you’re also selling an ebook, the following print distributors each have something to offer that you can’t get from the multi-platform ones. If you’re looking for a short-run printer, there are endless options and it’s best to search for one in your area to minimize shipping costs.

CreateSpace (

POD books distributed directly to Amazon. The quality control tends to be a little lower compared to IngramSpark, but the direct-to-Amazon distribution means that you don’t get stuck with an “out of stock” message before anyone’s bought the book.* The downside is that some bookstores choose not to carry books published by Amazon. Many authors choose a combo of IngramSpark and CreateSpace to avoid these issues.

Tasora Books (

Tasora Books offers short-run printing and warehousing and specializes in crowdfunding fulfillment, which means you have the option of using them for your rewards and putting a POD book into distribution at the same time using a different printer.

DartFrog Books (

DartFrog Books offers traditional distribution for self-published writers. Print-on-demand books are distributed to 20 participating independent brick-and-mortar stores on specially branded shelf space. Selected books need to pass an evaluation process. Writers who don't pass are offered specific advice about what needs to be improved as well as the opportunity to apply a second time for free.


*Amazon tends not to order POD books published by another distributor for its warehouse until the book has been bought by a minimum number of customers. This means that when your Ingram print book first becomes available on Amazon, you might see an “out of stock” message until you’ve gotten enough customers to order it.