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Multi-format (ebook and print) distributors

A distributor that offers both ebook and print distribution is a great option if you want to manage all of your sales on one database. These distributors often have the greatest reach in terms of sales channels as well. But if you want to have a lot of control over sale promotions, track customer analytics by channel, or skip some distribution fees by using a sales channel’s own platform, you should look at other options or use one of these distributors in combination with others.

FriesenPress (

FriesenPress offers both short-run and POD printing as well as ebook distribution, with the added benefit of being able to talk directly with a customer service representative. They also offer package deals that include copies of the printed book, distribution, and editing and design services.

BookBaby (

BookBaby offers POD printing and ebook distribution with a user-friendly interface and distribution to most major bookstores. Like FriesenPress, they also have additional publishing services available, as well as customer support.

IngramSpark (

North America’s largest distributor for independently published books, IngramSpark distributes POD books and ebooks to all major online bookstores. IngramSpark also has printing locations in the UK and Australia, which is a big benefit for authors living in those areas.

Blurb (

Blurb offers both POD and offset printing, which means you can create some extremely beautiful books with its service, although this can get pricey. An added bonus to using Blurb is their Adobe plug-ins, which allow you to use their templates and upload your documents for distribution without having to leave your design application. Blurb can also get your books into most stores.