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Building your campaign page

By this point, you should have your minimum and maximum goals and your rewards ready to go. All that's left to do is build your campaign page! The key thing here is to develop language that's consistent with your campaign. For example, if you're crowdfunding a children's book you're audience is going to be different compared to a self-help or business book. Think about your audience and how you can create a strong message and a compelling reason for people to contribute to your campaign. Remember to take advantage of headings and images in your campaign description to add visual interest to your page. Finally, be clear about why you're crowdfunding and where the money is going. Your contributors will feel a lot better giving you money if they know you have a plan for it.

Here's everything you'll need to prepare for your campaign page:

  • Your tagline: A one to two sentence description of your campaign to draw in supporters
  • Campaign summary: A description of your book, the purpose of your crowdfunding campaign, why you chose to crowdfund, and any other information you think might be relevant. This can be broken up by headings and/or images.
  • Book excerpt: A downloadable excerpt from your book to give your supporters a taste of your writing. We recommend sticking to 1000 words as your maximum.
  • Campaign image: Something that represents the theme of your campaign. It doesn't necessarily have to be the final cover.
  • Your author image: Add this to your PubLaunch account profile (see our dashboard user guide for specific instructions).
  • Your Rewards: Here's where you get to add creative titles, descriptions, and images. (We covered what makes a good reward in the previous section.)
  • Any relevant links, like your website and social media profiles.

For more on this topic, check out our blog post How to Use PubLaunch’s Crowdfunding Platform.