How It Works: Writers

Use the PubLaunch Marketplace to find, hire, and work with the right publishing Suppliers for your project.

The PubLaunch Marketplace allows you to shop for and hire the professional and experienced Suppliers you need to prepare your book project for publication.

The Marketplace currently includes the following:

- Ghostwriting

- Writing coaching

- Rewriting

- Structural editing

- Copy editing

- Formatting (print and ebook)

- Cover design

- Illustration

- Quality control/Proofreading

- Indexing

- Audiobook production

- Marketing

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Start a new project!

Get started by creating an account and starting a new project. There are no sign-up or monthly membership fees.

Tell us about your project, and we’ll show you a curated list of trusted industry professionals ready to work with you. Select the people you’d like to have on your publishing team and use our calculator to get a full, automated quote based on our Suppliers’ real fees and the information you provide. Pay securely using Stripe, our secure third-party payment processor.

Your project chat will be opened to you and your Suppliers within two business days. There you can communicate with your Suppliers, share your files, and connect with the PubLaunch project manager, who will be there to guide you and your team through the process.

Guided Publishing

If you would like some help choosing your team and managing your project, click here to check out our section on Guided Publishing.

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