How It Works: Writers

Here’s some of what you can do on PubLaunch:

Use the PubLaunch Marketplace platform to find, hire, and work with the right publishing suppliers for your project.
Step 1 - Choose your publishing plan

Start by choosing the type of publishing plan that will work for you: build your own team of freelance publishing suppliers, or work with a publisher or publishing consultant who will help you manage your project.

Build your own team

Tell us about your book project and what services you’re looking for. Based on these services, explore our curated list of trusted industry professionals and select the people you’d like to have on your publishing team. Receive a full, automated estimate for your book project through the site, and suppliers will let you know if they’re available.

Guided publishing

Want someone to manage your project for you? Explore our curated list of trusted hybrid publishers and publishing consultants, then submit your book to those you’d like to work with. If the publisher or consultant is interested in pursuing your project, they’ll provide a full estimate and a contract for their services.

Step 2 - Choose your payment method

After you’ve received your invoice for your publishing team or your publisher, you can raise the funds needed to pay for your invoice using our crowdfunding platform.

Pay directly

Work with your team right away by paying directly. All payments are processed through Stripe, our secure third-party payment processor.

Step 3 - Work with your team or publisher

Once your payment goes through, you’ll have access to your book project’s Launchroom. Here you can track the progress of your book project, share documents with your team, and communicate with your suppliers.

See our marketplace user guides for a walkthrough of our publishing paths:

Build a book: Build your own team

Build a book: Guided publishing

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Use the PubLaunch crowdfunding platform to fund your literary needs.

Our crowdfunding platform was designed and developed with the author in mind.

  • Keep your publishing goals achievable with minimum and maximum crowdfunding targets.
  • Top up your campaign before it ends if you’re just a little shy of your goal.
  • Entice your readers with a book excerpt, downloadable from your campaign page.

See our crowdfunding user guide for a walkthrough of our platform:

Creating and managing your crowdfunding campaign

Still have pressing questions? Check our our FAQ.

Why PubLaunch?
Receive accurate estimates

We base all our estimates on the information you give us and the real prices that our suppliers charge. Choose whether you’d like to pay directly or crowdfund your book project. We keep it simple: no sign-up or monthly membership fees.

Learn new skills

Access comprehensive and accurate resources created and developed by people in the publishing industry. We provide easy-to-follow guides to walk you through every step of the process: The PubLaunch Learning Center

Competitive fees

We charge crowdfunding campaign owners a 5% platform fee on funds raised through our crowdfunding platform. There are no membership or sign-up fees, and using our Marketplace is completely free for writers.