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What exactly is the Marketplace?

The PubLaunch Marketplace is where writers can browse and hire suppliers (editors, illustrators, cover designers, marketers, hybrid publishers, etc.). Any writer on PubLaunch can build a publishing team of suppliers using the Marketplace, create a list of their favorite suppliers, receive estimates and pay for services, and keep track of their ongoing book projects.


I’m looking for a specific service that I don’t see listed in the Marketplace. What do I do?

Since we’re still a new site, we aren’t currently able to include all the services we’d like. But we’re always planning new improvements and features. If you’re looking for something specific, we want to hear from you! Feedback helps us plan our next development moves and choose what to prioritize.

If there’s something you’d like to see on our site that you can’t find right now, please send us an email with the subject line “Suggestion for a new service or feature” at the email with a detailed description of what you’re looking for.


Do I have to copyright my material before sharing it on your site? Is there a danger that my work will get stolen?

You automatically own any piece of writing that you’ve created. Manuscript theft is extremely rare.  As long as you can show that you wrote your materials, you have grounds against anyone who steals or plagiarizes your work.


What’s the advantage of using PubLaunch instead of just going it alone?

Think of us as your personal planner and coordinator. We’ve already done all the legwork and research for you. We’ve found a host of amazing suppliers for you to work with, developed an easy estimate and payment system, and have created some extra resources for you to use along the way.


What is a “hybrid publisher”?

A hybrid publisher typically offers all the same services as a traditional publisher, but will either charge upfront for these services (and offer a higher royalty rate to the writer in exchange) or work out a partnership deal. For more information about publishing models, see How to choose the right publishing method.


What is a “publishing consultant”?

Like hybrid publishers, publishing consultants offer full-service packages to self-publishers. However, unlike hybrid publishers, your book is still technically being self-published. This means that when it comes time to distribute your book, it will be listed under your name, and you will need to do the work of submitting it to a distributor.


Do I need to hire an entire team, or can I use the Marketplace for just one service?

You can use the Marketplace to hire as many suppliers as you need, including just one!  


Why do you ask me for my manuscript’s word count?

We need the word count to calculate your budget for a number of services.

For example, editors charge an hourly rate. We use your word count to calculate the number of hours your manuscript will take to edit, and then we multiply that by the editor’s hourly rate.

Many other services are calculated by page count, such as interior design, ebook conversion, and indexing. We use your word count and trim size to estimate how many pages your book will be, and then we multiply that by your supplier’s per page rate.


What if I don’t know what trim size my book will be?

Your trim size allows us to estimate the number of pages your book will be. And we need that page count to correctly budget certain services. It’s important that you stick with your trim size to ensure your suppliers are paid appropriately for their services.

Note that if you’re planning to create only an ebook, you should choose “6 x 9” as a default.


How do you calculate my budget for each service?

We calculate editing services by hourly rate, and we use a per page rate for interior design, ebook conversion, and indexing. All other services (marketing, illustration, and cover design) are flat fees.

For more, see the above questions “Why do you ask me for my manuscript’s word count?” and "What if I don't know what trim size my book will be?"


What is the benefit of paying directly for services instead of crowdfunding?

There are fees and added costs to crowdfunding, including the cost for you to fulfill your rewards (roughly 15% of your original budget), credit card processing fees taken from each contribution (2.9% + 30c), and PubLaunch’s 5% commission taken from the total funds raised. By paying directly, you don’t have to raise the additional funds needed to cover these costs.


I’ve completed the Build a Book process. Now what?

Once you submit your book project, the suppliers you’ve selected will be notified. They will review the project and either accept or reject your request. If all suppliers accept, you can move forward by selecting the “Pay or Crowdfund” button, located on your dashboard next to your book project’s name.

If a supplier rejects your project, you can request a new supplier by clicking on your book project, located on your dashboard, and picking a new team member.


Why can’t I access the “Pay or Crowdfund” button on my dashboard?

The “Pay or Crowdfund” button will remain grayed out until all supplier requests have been accepted.


Why can’t I enter my book project’s Launchroom?

The “Launchroom” button will remain grayed out until you’ve either paid directly for your book project’s services, or you’ve successfully raised the funds through crowdfunding.


I am a professional writer and I’d like to claim any taxes I’ve paid. Does PubLaunch provide a tax breakdown on invoices?

PubLaunch is still a small company, and we have both writers and suppliers from all over the world on our site. At this time, it’s too difficult for us to track and program all international taxation laws. Therefore, supplier rates are TAX INCLUSIVE, and your invoice for services (as well as the receipts provided to suppliers) will not include a breakdown of applicable taxes. Should you require a tax breakdown, you are responsible for contacting your suppliers and requesting a more detailed invoice.

Help! I got an error message. What do I do?

We want to know everything we can about any bugs or errors that pop up on the site so that we can fix it as quickly as possible. Please send a screenshot of your error and a description of the problem to