The 4 Top Crowdfunding Myths

Myth #1: Crowdfunding is an easy way to raise money for your project.

You need money for a project and crowdfunding sounds like a good idea. You create and launch a campaign page within a few days. What could go wrong?

Successful crowdfunding takes a lot of pre-planning. If you aren’t already active on social media with a large following, then you’ll need at least a few months to build a network. You need this network because these are the people who will fund your project. You also need to let your followers know about your campaign before you launch it. You don’t want to launch it and have it remain stagnant for days or even weeks while you’re busy letting everyone know about it. That doesn’t bode well for the future of your campaign.

What Authors Need to Know about SEO

If you are an author with a website or blog, you really should know a thing or two about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engines like Google are the primary way that users find information and products online. The better your ranking on Google, the more likely users are to find your site and your book!

Jennifer Foehner Wells – A Case Study in Successful Self-Publishing


Jen’s new novel, Remanence (yes, we had to look up what it means), was published on March 11. Two weeks later, it’s all over Amazon’s science-fiction best-seller lists, and already has 28 Amazon reviews, which are mostly raves. So it is selling, and people are reading it, loving it, and telling the world about it.

How did Jen pull it off? Here are some of the things she did right:

What to Do after Your Crowdfunding Campaign Ends

We've devoted a few posts to the topic of what to do before crowdfunding, and nearly every source you find online will tell you what to do during your campaign, but what happens once it ends? After that huge rush of excitement, the months of hard work, and the final (hopefully successful) day of the campaign, what are the next steps you should take?

The beautiful thing about crowdfunding is that, if all goes well, you’ve rallied a team of readers around you who are excited about what you’re doing and are invested in your process. They WANT to hear news about your book, get updates on the project, and read more of what you’re writing. This is the most loyal, engaged, and enthusiastic your email list will ever be.

The PubLaunch Supplier Series: The Jam Press

Photo by The Jam Press

We’re starting off our first regular blog post on the new site with what we think will be the start of a new series: featuring our suppliers. First up is The Jam Press. They’re a small hybrid publisher in Toronto that focuses on creating beautiful high quality books for authors who aren’t interested in the traditional publishing route. Their first book - Conversations for Two, written by the founder of The Jam Press herself, Jacqueline Markowitz - is out now and available in online bookstores and (for Toronto locals) Type Books. Here’s our Q&A with Jacqueline.